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  2020 Spring Festival travel so everyone will play the original! 2020 Spring Festival travel so we will play the 2020 Chinese New Year holiday approaching, and in previous years, many tourists still love to travel in Guangdong plans while traveling abroad, while the Chinese New Year, to experience different in flavor.Spring Festival this year, it is how Tourism New Year?To domestic destinations in gorgeous taste of vulgar, private jet travel packages villa in Southeast Asia, the more cold "White Spring" more interesting, original 2020 Chinese New Year holiday so everyone will play!Text, graph / Guangzhou Daily reporter Chen Weiwei travel all media these periods may be considered to avoid the peak of the peak It is understood that in 2020 Chinese New Year holiday period was January 24 to January 30.And in winter 2020 students from January 20 beginning to the end of February 17.In other words, winter is only six days from the New Year.According to travel industry forecasts, the first wave of the Spring Festival travel peak is expected to be open simultaneously with the winter break, the first launching in January 20th, the 20th, the second wave peak - is the main Spring Festival travel peak, will be held January 24 to January 26 day occurs, you can take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday experience in long-term product of 5-7 days; as the Spring Festival holiday, more than half of small, more flexible schedules often take advantage of people after the holiday travel peak load shifting segment, will overlay the province surrounding tourist flow January 28th to 30th will mark the third wave travel peak.Breakfast floating new ways: Southeast Asia travel experience to upgrade the Spring Festival in Guangdong tourists like to travel to Southeast Asia, the one not far away, convenient transportation, and secondly visa is also very convenient.Every Spring Festival holiday, Southeast Asian countries will become Guangdong tourists love to go to tourist destinations in Southeast Asia had a warm Spring Festival, the most fit Guangdong Guest mind.Back home, according to the Southeast Asian Spring Festival 2020 winter line data show that the number of high-end line registration of visitors priced at more than $$ 10,000 in 2020 compared with an increase of nearly 3 percent year on year, of which there are many tourists choose the high-end custom package groups way to travel to the New Year.As a result, the Chinese New Year holidays also derived from some of the more intimate, more niche games are played, such as Thailand Kood is the high-end package tour group of fresh place, not only can stay in an area of nearly 500 square meters pool villa suites, and from Bangkok and Ko Kood also uses a private jet transfers, 22999?33,999 yuan / person offer though more expensive than conventional products in Southeast Asia travel a lot, there are still tourists choose.It is understood that, due to the Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the hotel is rich in resources, many tourist destinations, there are a number of villas, large apartment matching, so visitors will be considered part of Guangdong with his family to go, wrap or a villa large multi-bedroom apartment to spend the holidays.Among them, some of the villas and apartments are also equipped with a private butler, daily life dedicated to visitors, play arrangement, even if a higher price, but generally can accommodate about three or four families sharing the cost down for everyone will not be alone than freedom line too high, we can freely travel arrangements and time, sharing their grandchildren.In addition, some tourists in Southeast Asia this year the Chinese New Year play more asked to join some "red punch net new ways", in addition to the upgrade live in villas, such as going to experience Bali also called "Ba-screen circle of friends" floating breakfast, go to Jay song " Tao Heung "MV filmed in Degelalang terraces club experience terraced swing, birds nest, and the beauty of tea glass plank 5000?7699 yuan / person price, but also get a lot of white-collar workers as well as parent-child families of all ages.Very popular: Where to go where these places Sauvignon hottest now, we always lamented the New Year more and more boring, no longer the kind of intense joy of the festive atmosphere, did not mind that a child eager for the Spring Festival period hope, feel festive seems to be a luxury.However, in recent years except in Guangzhou can "stroll Flower Street" experience "Flower City looking to spend" in flavor, you can also find some folk can experience the traditional New Years place in the country.The Chinese New Year is a very important holiday, Chinese New Year customs of the country has its own characteristics, the Central Plains dumplings feast festive, black cloud namphou who "touch you black" Carnival, Beijing Ditan temple fair and other events around the New Year, this year became Guangdong tourists New Years popular places tourism projects, Beijing, Yunnan, Hunan Fenghuang, such as the ancient city of Pingyao in Shanxi Taiyuan gorgeous destinations and attractions have special activities launched, the traditional local culture sought after by tourists.Also in 2020 Spring Festival travel products contain dinner exceptionally popular, for some families, parents chose to take his family out to the high-star resort hotel over New Years Eve, eat dinner is a good choice.Zhangjiakou unique enough: "White Spring" The more cold the more interesting due to climate reasons Guangdong region, so that everyone on the snow and ice is very long, over a "white Spring Festival" has become Guangdong tourists during the Spring Festival planning play a major element of considerable importance.It is understood that part of the winter snow travel limit area, limited seasons of tourism resources, resources are particularly strained during the Spring Festival, so many tourists have two or three months in advance booking.All media reporter in an interview that, in snow and ice travel destination in the territory, Harbin, Jilin Changbai Mountain, Jilin Beida high heat pots and other places, Harbin, Jilin, Shenyang, Mudanjiang, Zhangjiakou, Changchun, Aer, Dandong, Yanji, Mohe are popular destinations, the three northeastern provinces is still an important destination for consumers ice and snow Tourism.From Beijing to Zhangjiakou, Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed rail last December 30 has been officially opened, Zhangjiakou Chongli is the gateway to go to the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games venue, so from Beijing to Chongli transportation more convenient.The good news urging hot heat Zhangjiakou tourism in 2020 Spring Festival, with the heat of the Winter Olympics, some of your favorite ice and snow tour of Guangdong tourists will experience here as "white Spring Festival," the new popular destinations, not only to advance Quest 2022 Winter Olympics venue Zhangjiakou Chongli, China can also stay private hotel ski team, more experience professional skiing.Changbai It is understood that, due to the Chinese New Year holidays Family trip features several ski destinations is also dedicated to creating a parent-child skiing facilities, the site uses a lot of teaching children independent ski, ski separated from adults while providing DIY snow, snow football, snow ring, treasure games and other interactive experiences related to snow and ice, so that childrens interest in ice and snow tourism doubled, also attracted many visitors to the family.In addition, Anji Jiangnan Tianchi ski, ski Damingshan Wansongling, Lianyungang Jiagu Ski Resort, Shennongjia International Ski, Liuyang Ruixiang Ice World, etc. Guangdong tourists also love to go skiing ground.