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  Consumers buy online "shrink Durian rights difficult Consumers buy online "shrink Durian" Ms Tang rights difficult to buy durian weighing.After the electronic business platform sold durian, commitment weight of not less than 3-4 pounds, can get our hands but only 2.54 pounds.Face weight shrink, Ms Tang consumers believe that electronic business platform suspected fraud should return for compensation, but the platform side has to "normal moisture evaporation" and "fresh products do not support the return" to be rejected.Yangzi Evening News reporter consumption jury to investigate this.Yangzi Evening News / Yang eye Reporter Jiang Jing instrument Correspondent survey online to buy durian case of "shrink Edition" said customer service has shrunk due to water evaporation summer carnival season durian lovers, Ms Tang consumers are no exception, June 25, in her view after a Nanjing business platform saw durian being engaged in fight promotion group, as long as 98 yuan can buy a 3-4 kg loaded the "imported from Thailand Golden pillow durian", Ms Tang did not hesitate a single.June 30 afternoon, Ms Tang received a courier sent durian, she excitedly opened the package, he will see it as a "small block header"."I often eat durian, so it is very sensitive to the size of the weight."Ms Tang told the Yangtze Evening News reporter consumption jury, when first saw this courier to feel the weight of durian wrong, and then with her hand-held electronic scales, said a moment, hand durian NW 1.27 kg, or 2.54 pounds.On the page "a loaded 3-4 pounds," said a durian hand only 2.54 pounds, which makes it difficult to accept Ms Tang.Ms Tang made the request for return to business platform.The first two, customer service in order to "fresh produce does not support the return" as an excuse refused Ms Tang, Ms Tang application offered to give 20 yuan -35 yuan compensation.For such a processing scheme, does not accept Ms Tang.July 1, Ms Tang received a telephone customer service platform.Customer service told that the factory is the result of the weighing of durian, 3-4 pounds.Ms Tang then asked the customer service given by the factory Weigh-in Photos, customer service answer is no, explain only a bit less than the weight of durian is due to water evaporation caused by transit, and questioned Ms. Tang of electronic weighing scales.Face customer service to say, Ms Tang said he was angry.According to Ms Tang online shopping links, Yangzi Evening News reporter viewed the purchase of this product evaluation, this discovery like Ms Tang received a lot less than the weight of durian customers, even in a consumer complaint message thats got a hand durian only a multi-jin.Experts say market supervision: weight loss should be less than for businesses to bear the weight of customer service response is because the courier on the way water is evaporated to say.A fruit shop owner said, as if the electronic business platform says, have lost weight is due to evaporation, which is the maximum possible way to express not taken the necessary cold chain.Because now the hot weather, if the transport journey long, long time, so the moisture fruit is easy to be lost by evaporation.As such a big business platform, choose express delivery room temperature appears to be some amateur.Yangzi Evening News reporter subsequently communicate with customer service Ms Tang purchased durian platform, they are indeed normal issue durian.For the handling of electronic business platform, the Yangtze Evening News reporter columns consumption jury consulted the Nanjing market regulators.Official said that since the durian water evaporation is there, then the consumer is entitled to choose to return rights of way.The source believes that, first, the complaints, the problem with the way the business of publicity, inconsistent with the actual description of the goods, did not specify "water evaporation will durian weight deviation", eventually leading to not meeting board; the second is propaganda in the "3-4 pounds of" general default weight for buyers to get the hand, as for the loss of moisture evaporation, businesses should be borne rather than the buyer.This incident, Cao Yihuai director of Beijing law firm lawyers said that businesses can not name "Fresh does not support the return" label does not comply with the sale of its Graphic goods.Goods sold discrepancy, which alleged breach of contract and fraud.Immediately comment "shrink Durian" cut off the bottom line of integrity "shrink Durian" Weight reduction is not only out of the product itself, but also lost his stick on the bottom line of integrity and respect for the most basic consumer.And the traditional store shopping experience compared to, trust is an important foundation to support network transactions, in-kind beautiful picture, affordable commodity prices will cause consumers gladly order, but after having problems, many consumers find and store on-site consultation, fast processing compared to online shopping service is "cold" many.Open the numerous shopping APP, you will find almost no APP There will be a telephone service, when you belly full of grievances need to talk to after-sales platform, the other is likely just a "robot", and not be slow in using the official language "to cope with" your demands, to finally worn you lost all patience and give up rights.At the same time in different places because the issue of jurisdiction, although online shopping platform for the sale, but it is often registered in a place where there is no branch around, so consumers want to rely on regulatory rights, complaints procedures can only be started in different places, which have increased the cost of rights of consumers.Buy things easier, but too hard rights, which has become a realistic portrayal of online shopping.Online shopping platform for technical and health, should in good faith and development.Care of their feathers, respect and protect the rights and interests of ordinary consumers, not as consumers of small and despised the heart, not because of its own large-scale and become arrogant, and ultimately can only be shooting itself in the foot. Chen Yu