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  Launched the "burning the midnight oil Banquet" activities during the Spring Festival in Guangzhou Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce announced on the 14th, held during the Spring Festival "YOUNG city YEAH City - Chinese New Year food is not closing" activities to "burn the midnight oil Banquet" to promote the economic development of the night to promote the "Flower City look at flowers," "Eating in Guangzhou" two city brand Members of the public share of tourists in Guangzhou "festive" and "delicious."."Global Times" agency recently released "2020 Global Asian cuisine billboard" in Guangzhou was awarded the "China Top Ten Food Cities" first.2020 11 months, the citys total retail sales of social consumer goods catering 1082.600 million yuan, an increase of 8.2%.According to third-party data, Guangzhou nighttime food and beverage consumption accounted for 55 days.2%; the citys restaurant business to over 100 000 22, more than 20,000 operators to 2:00, open all night over 4000; Guangzhou supper takeaway orders accounted for 6% of the total number of orders throughout the day in Guangzhou, was named the most supper vibrant city.This year January 17 to February 1, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce joint US group reviews, cuisine Herald, to carry out "YOUNG city YEAH City - Chinese New Year food is not closing" campaign, a total of 202 food and beverage brands 2 300 stores involved, covering the citys 11 districts.Participate in the activities of restaurants, both during the day the commitment is not closing during the Spring Festival, the evening of universal service to 22, depending on consumption and latency to zero.Organizers will announce the event map, each restaurant uniform posted poster during the event as a logo.In addition, during the Chinese New Year, take-away riders also "not closing" from day until late at night, have a duty to run a single rider Room.In previous years, all kinds of labor costs rose during the Spring Festival, the city of Guangzhou restaurant dishes price "gone".This year, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the US Mission Comments cooperation, large data resources via the Internet tilt, catering businesses are a "profit sharing", the food and beverage prices during the Chinese New Year to maintain "civilian".Participate in the activities of food businesses not only promise "not closing", also launched a series of New Year packages, to provide "Ping, good, positive" for the public visitors of catering services.Which has 78 food and beverage brands 465 stores takeaway Free delivery commitments, and 30% discount.It is understood that this year, Guangzhous popular restaurant dinner reservations, at the same time, private kitchen door, take-away dinner service is becoming the new fashion.Takeout platform set up "Youth City YEAH City - Chinese New Year food is not closing" special edition, public visitors can phone a single key, select the appropriate family homes "big dish", the reunion venue moved back from the restaurant to the house.Many well-known restaurants catering positive "test the water" line restaurants, and big data analytics platform by consumer eating preferences for online and offline stores updated iteration, in order to provide a more personalized service and dishes.