植物知识 2020-02-29 12:59:34

  Ebiermu Krai a passenger car collided with 7 at least 10 people were injured According to the Russian satellite network, he said the Ministry of Health on behalf of the Perm Krai, said the regions seven cars and a bus collided, resulting in 10 people were taken to hospital emergency, including four children.According to preliminary information, Perm Krai a passenger bus collided with seven cars led to 10 people were injured, including four children.They have been taken to hospital.Traffic accidents occurred in the vicinity of the M-7 Volga Federal Road Luneitewa.Perm Krai Branch ISD Russian Interior Ministry news release: "According to preliminary information, 拉达格兰塔 car driver tried to overtake a large truck, and the truck driver the opposite lane to avoid a collision, the emergency brake, causing the cargo box Slide the opposite lane and collided with seven vehicles."It is reported that there are 37 people inside the bus, which had 35 people 10-11-year-old boy sports teams.