植物知识 2020-02-29 12:59:28

  Russian satellites 33 transmit arrow Russian Space Group 5 is located in the Russian Far East in the East Cosmodrome launch vehicle successfully launched by a 33 satellites into orbit.According to a statement issued the same day the Russian Space Group, While this "Soyuz-2.1B "rocket at 8:41 Moscow time from the launch site blasted off the east.After 4 hours of flight, the rocket While weather satellites and sequentially fed further 32 microsatellite orbit.Russias Aerospace Group, said, meteorological satellite Fengyun can be in the visible, infrared and microwave bands observed cloud amount and surface snow and ice, sea surface temperature and help to detect the Earths ozone layer, increase the level of Russian weather observation.And more than 32 micro-satellite for scientific experimental satellite, belonging to Germany, France, the United States, Israel, Britain, Sweden, Finland, Thailand, Ecuador, the Czech Republic, Estonia, etc..Russian aerospace group said it was the East Cosmodrome space launch completed this year for the first time.