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  Sogou input method LINUX1.0 Enterprise Edition released to enhance the user input experience Sogou input method Enterprise Edition V1.0 officially released, cross-platform version, supported Linux / Windows / Android three major platforms.While achieving multi-terminal input device supports both physical keyboard, soft keyboard, and supports touch screen input, fit a variety of types of terminal equipment.As early as 2014 Sogou input method had been conducting R & D input method Linux, after years of combat, has accumulated a wealth of technical experience related to the Linux system.Many years later, Sogou input method Enterprise Edition with rich experience version of the Linux community, the Linux-V1 developed a new set of Enterprise Edition.0 input method, the Linux platforms continue to contribute their efforts.Sogou input method Enterprise Linux V1.0 biggest highlight is the re-development optimized for the five-stroke input mode.In particular, is for the Linux system characteristics of the depth of customization, which makes the experience Sogou input method under Linux system more complete, more fluid.Moreover, in order to further enhance the user experience, Sogou input method Enterprise Edition Linux 1.0 user interface has been carefully designed, in addition to the visual effect is more simple and elegant, but also increased the score screen adaptation of the skin, followed by the theme change system and other special new features.The new five-stroke input input input experience to enhance the efficiency improvement has been input core pain point method most products need to be addressed.To this end, Sogou input method Enterprise Linux V1.0 for Linux system users demands and habits of Wubi input function for a new development, in terms of ease of use, stability, input efficiency has greatly improved.And provide high score screen adaptation, the whole terminal input and cross-platform infrastructure, ensure the consistency of the whole platform input experience.In order to enhance the user experience of five-stroke input method, Sogou input method Enterprise Linux V1.0 architecture has been upgraded for the new five-stroke input mode.Not only for professional users to provide the top word on the screen to accelerate the four yards typing efficiency, and also supports phonetic stroke mixed transport mode.In addition, Sogou input method Enterprise Linux V1.0 effort also adds intelligent association feature, which allows URL suffix supplement can truly hands free, so that the user enter province.There are other input experience to add features point optimization, such as in V mode, to meet the needs of users to more efficiently enter numbers, dates, formulas, functions, etc. ü mode and supports stroke input, etc..Adapt to customer demand, continue to improve service efficiency is worth mentioning that, in order to meet the needs of individual enterprises office, Enterprise Edition Sogou input method Linux V1.0 version for enterprises to provide customized services dedicated input methods, and support for Linux, Windows in, Androids three major platforms.At the same time, in order to provide better customer service experience, Enterprise Edition Sogou input method Linux 1.0 version upgrades through system architecture, continue to improve service efficiency, making customized to enhance the efficiency of double.At the same time work to build a cloud platform needs to communicate with customers, to help customers accurate and efficient feedback problems.In addition, Sogou input method Enterprise Linux V1.0 also supports the privatization of the deployment, supports both remote service can be on-site service.Meet customer needs and to ensure the security of customer information.Sogou input method Enterprise Linux V1.0 on line help Linux ecological construction of ring Sogou input method Enterprise Edition LINUX1.0 launched a new, Linux operating system for the current promotion and use is a major good news.It is understood that Sogou input method Linux Community Edition on the line since 2014, currently has iterated 17 versions, users continue to help diversify expressed in different scenes chat.At present, research and development platform functionality Sogou input method in Linux is already well established, covering the Pinyin input, voice input, handwriting input, strokes input, stroke input and English input and other input functions.Sogou input method Enterprise Edition LINUX1.0 version, relying on a strong system input method thesaurus function and mass, with many years of experience in Linux platform and a good ad-free experience, coupled with customization capabilities, efficient service, security, deployment, and consistent platform experience, this allows Linux system user input experience becomes more fun freely.