植物知识 2020-02-29 07:41:35

  Shanxi configure automatic external defibrillator 500 in crowded public place 23, the reporter learned from the Red Cross Shanxi Province in 2020, which will put equipped with automatic external defibrillators in the provinces 500 schools, airports, railway stations and other crowded places.In 2020, the Shanxi provincial government work report, the first time the province will "Configuring automatic external defibrillator in crowded public places" as one of 10 practical livelihood Government.Shanxi Province, the Red Cross as emergency aid to carry out the law of mass literacy training for mass organization in 2020, will be the government financial support, invested 12.5 million yuan in the provinces schools, institutions, enterprises, institutions and airports, railway stations, shopping malls , cinemas and other crowded places with AED machines put 500.Publicly available data show that Chinas annual number of cases of sudden cardiac death more than 54 million people, the equivalent of about one person every minute sudden cardiac death.In the event of cardiac arrest, if not timely rescue people around, there will be irreversible brain death after 4-6 minutes.AED placed in crowded places, to maximize the "golden four minutes to" save the lives of patients with cardiac arrest.AED is called "help fool machine", portable and easy to operate, little training to use proficiency.Shanxi Red Cross staff introduction, the user only according to the recording indication, power, pressing the discharge button to complete the automatic ECG analysis, defibrillation, generally non-medical staff can control four hours after receiving study drills.AED is not only a first-aid equipment, but also a new concept of aid.Since 2020, Shanxi Province, the Red Cross continue to configure the AED machine in Taiyuan Wusu Airport, Taiyuan Railway Station, libraries, government centers, transportation hubs, sports stadiums and other crowded places, put the annual total of 80 sets of configuration.At the same time, Shanxi Province, the Red Cross also promote the whole society to be fully aware and concerned about first aid, learn to use the AED machine, the ability to increase aid levels and the whole society, "everyone to learn first aid, first aid for all", so that "life-saving artifacts" play a role make safe, healthy and scientific way of life to get spread.