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  Ten key words of the 2020 anti-crime crackdown focus Central Commission for Discipline Inspection State Control Yuan Li Yun Shu website December 2020, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission informed the JISC national participation in pornography, gambling and evil forces turn a blind eye, or even cover up or connive negligent of its duties, act as "umbrella" special rectification stage work performance problems and request to the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels."Keep the pressure up to punish" Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC national authority may require, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should conscientiously implement the spirit of the plenary session of the ninth four-party, firmly, to maintain a consistent punish high-pressure situation, involving evil mafia and corruption "umbrella" question, we found together with the investigation."Precise disposition" seek truth from facts, accurately grasp the policy limits, the precise nature of the problem identified, the gangs involved in evil and corruption "umbrella" general problems with discipline and law, working methods simple blunt, style is not real is not fine is not deep, common errors in the work and other issues strictly separately, in accordance with regulations to be dealt with according to law according to discipline and precision."Often long-term cure," insisted the general tone while maintaining stability, achieve the "three nos" to promote integration, often explore the long-term governance, and promote the special rectification "umbrella nets" continue to achieve new and greater effectiveness.The central political and legal work conference held in Beijing in 2020 January 17 to 20, to make arrangements for this years Political and Legal Work.Among them, the deployment of anti-crime crime work in many ways to respond to the concerns of the masses."One Shibaiqianwan action" to establish a long-term mechanism, the top ten industries remediation outstanding issues, supervise the handling of one hundred cases, major apprehend fugitives hunt one thousand, million cases of concluded cases according to the law, that is, "one Shibaiqianwan action "traction, anti-crime evil forces struggle to win a complete victory."Tackling root out" to be committed to root out poverty, staring clues, major cases involving the Mafia involved in evil and vicious murder over the years hold, keep a close eye "umbrella nets" hold, keep a close eye "to fight off blood Choi "hold.The masses strong, long attack case can not, the national anti-crime office to supervise the handling of.Of the principal and other key perpetrators at large, to increase the intensity of pursuit."Rectification" of the outstanding problems of social security, rural governance, financial lending, construction, transportation, market liquidity, resources, environmental protection, information networks, cultural tourism, education and health ten key industries to carry out special rectification."Quality and efficiency" evil triad-related cases involving the prosecution tried to enter the peak period, is committed to quality and efficiency, strengthen team building investigators, study and introduction of judicial interpretation and guidance cases, strengthen professional training, investigators guidelines to ensure that each case together We have stood the test of history and law.Chinas public security organs of anti-crime fight against evil forces accountability and discipline supervision work report, 2020 December 12 held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.In order to further promote the special struggle continued, to achieve greater successes, meeting on the "umbrella nets" work request."Investigated in the end," insisted the case will have to check on gangs involved in evil criminal cases, all root out the underlying issue of corruption; for evil forces "context", "umbrella", should be investigated in the end, will not be tolerated, both to investigate and deal with the evil forces of crime, but also to track down the evil forces behind the "umbrella", but also down search Regulatory main responsibility and the responsibility of the party committee and government departments."Work together to tackle" enhanced poverty efforts, with the support of leaders at all levels of Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Control Yuan and the public security organs of the Party, give full play to the ability to discipline inspection and supervision duties of public security supervision departments to form a larger force."Compaction responsibility" with good accountability tool, layers of compacted responsibility for perfunctory, fraud, poor performance of their duties daily, lax regulation, and investigate and punish negative lag, soft lighter and other issues, and severely punish Responsibility.