植物护理 2020-02-28 09:07:04

  Full combat!Liaoning police officers seven days and six nights of field combat exercise Recently, the Peoples Armed Police Corps in Liaoning Shenyang detachment organized forces to carry out a period of 7 days and 6 nights more practical subjects of exercise, in completely unfamiliar field conditions, the exercise equipment support capabilities.Drill a start, suddenly encountered a fleet of unknown bomb attack on the way goods delivery, satisfied that the circumstances after the commander, immediately set up picket around the team, the driver quickly repair the vehicle.Liaoning Shenyang Peoples Armed Police Corps detachment chief transport delivery Long Miao Yong rights: to send troops and supplies in the process, we will inevitably encounter unexpected situations, not only to improve the driving skills of the driver, but also to improve the drivers own protection and vehicle repair capabilities.After troubleshooting the vehicle fleet continues entered the target area, when traveling to a low-lying valley traffic blocked, the commander ordered combat team moved into the target area on foot.The way, the soldiers in an ambush this fear of violent elements and start fighting, shot wounded two players, team staff immediately implemented to protect the health service field ambulance, and immediately behind the transfer of the wounded to hospital for treatment.Liaoning Shenyang Peoples Armed Police Corps detachment health team captain Li Xin: medical service personnel not only have professional medical knowledge, but also have emergency response capabilities at the sudden, the key is to have excellent physical strength, so you can ensure maximum forces fighting.After a long journey, the soldiers are consuming a lot of physical.How to protect front-line combatants good to eat in the field environment, but also eat the contest Highlights.A provision to protect the group consisting of 5 persons, carrying supplies field unit, in a forest in the open ground quickly buried pot made of rice, part of 30 people soon hot food is ready.Liaoning Shenyang Peoples Armed Police Corps detachment commissar Panglu Hao: The comprehensive training overall and to enhance the ability of the comprehensive guarantee for the future to carry out arduous and complicated task of providing a solid support capability.